On Auction Barn: English Set for WeeJay

Sorry that updates have been a little scarce - I'm doing my best to get some sales pieces out before NAN, including this one!
Click to view on Auction Barn: English Set for WeeJay

I wrapped it up this morning and listed it this afternoon, after I found out that eBay still won't let me list auctions.  Grrr!

This set is very similar to the Babysitter set that sold a little while back.  I tweaked the stitching on the saddle so that it wasn't a carbon copy, and of course there are the changes made to accommodate WeeJay's pole.

The auction will run through 8:30pm CST on Thursday, June 7.  Set includes the raised snaffle bridle with laced reins (my best yet I think!), saddle, padded girth, open front boots, ankle boots, red bell boots, plain breastplate, plain five point breastplate, and the square pad.  You're all set for show jumping with this set, but add leg wraps (VetWrap works great!) and you're good for cross country, too!  With WeeJay's tightly tucked front legs, VetWrap is probably easier to handle than galloping boots.

I have another pre-NAN sales piece, too - western this time! I need to work on some commissions, but if I can I'll be trying to get out a few more pieces that would ship in time for NAN.