Shana's Endurance Set, Two Years Later

One of my customers posted a really awesome photo of an older piece on my studio Facebook page.  With her permission, I'm reposting it here.  It's just that cool.

This endurance saddle was made for a portrait of Shana's real horse and based on the Wintec Endurance Pro and the assortment of tack that the customer rode in.  It was intended for a customized Swaps, but looks really good on this resin.  Shana did an awesome job on the custom, too, which is a portrait of her horse.

Here's another shot of the set 'out in the field,' so to speak.  She did a spectacular job on the paintwork, as mentioned, and a terrific job tacking the horse up!  Most of what's on there doesn't move a whole lot, but it can be tricky to arrange the accessories appropriately.

The set didn't get much press when it was new, but here's the blog post it was first mentioned in.