Western Performance on Auction Barn

It's up! The complete western performance package for Rose's Little Lonestar will be on Auction Barn through the 21st.  Click here to view the listing.

The Western Performance Package for Little Lonestar Includes
  • Western Saddle
  • One-ear curb bridle with split reins
  • Two-ear show bridle with curb, split reins, and silver
  • Breastplate
  • Tiedown and caveson
  • Flank cinch
  • Full set of sport medicine boots (front and back)
  • 1 pair of bell boots
  • 1 pair of skid boots
  • 2 pads in your choice of available styles and colors

From the auction listing: "Fresh off the workbench, this set is packed with tiny details. The versatile saddle is lined with suede to mimic sheepskin, features hand carving, and is studded with tiny 'nail heads' - just enough bling for the ring, but not too much for a serious working horse! A no-nonsense every day curb bridle with split reins and one sliding ear is included for working classes along with a tie down and noseband, removable flank cinch, and a breastplate. Leg protection includes a set of four sport medicine boots made from stretchy, form fitting black leather, matching bell boots, and skid boots to match the saddle. A two-ear show bridle with split reins and lots of silver is part of the package, too. As part of the set, I'm including two of my printed saddle pads in your choice of available patterns and styles so that you can choose the two that best compliment your horse. Better yet - pay in full and the set should arrive in plenty of time for NAN!"

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