Bright and Clean

I hope that describes the new blog layout.  It's not really different, actually, just...tweaked a little, for continuity between the website and blog interface.  The links that ran across the top of the page have been moved to the right, for instance.  Not much of a difference, really, right?

The website underwent MAJOR changes, though!  The previous design went into effect in January of 2010. It had a few tweaks along the way, but remained more or less unchanged until now.

You can check it out in person at The new website is cleaner, brighter, and maybe a little easier to navigate. Sometimes dropdown menus act a little funny, but the new navigation should be a breeze.  Click on the link, and viola! A nifty menu pops down and stays down until you click on it's parent link or another menu item.

This new design is in line with the labels I printed for the new boxes. Same color scheme, same font. New business cards to follow!

I tested the new website pretty thoroughly before releasing it, but there will always be bugs.  If you catch one, turn it in at or post it in the comments here.  Thanks!

For those counting down with me...class starts Wednesday.  The clock just ticked over 12 AM, so that's TOMORROW! Yikes!