Count Down

There are 17 more days until class starts up again.  I'm enrolled, paid up, stocked up on notebooks and mechanical pencils, waiting on one last textbook to arrive, and just counting down the days.  This could be my last semester at community college, and I'm excited! From here I'll transfer to a 4yr state college and really begin working towards an art degree.  I've enjoyed my time at the community college and consider it a valuable (and cost effective!) experience, but I'm looking forward to starting on degree-specific classes.

Part of my count down includes the last two commissions on my desk.  One of them is a fairly standard commission for WeeJay and the other is a really fun project for a resculpted Jezebel.  Today I wrapped up the WeeJay commission and wow, it's been a long while since I've done a running martingale! I also got to open up my bottle of purple dye and it's a gorgeous color.  I need to think of other places to use this!

Now I'm off to clear my desk (and my head) before really digging into the Jezebel commission!