New Packaging

So, after much researching (I know more about purchasing boxes in bulk than I ever wanted) and a few false starts (online, in Photoshop, and printing), I finally have some new packaging organized!

The boxes were picked up at Office Max (on sale, what's more!) and I printed the labels on my inkjet printer at home (one of two sources of printing grief, ugh!).

They replaced my previous baggie system.

Which wasn't a bad system, necessarily, but the boxes will prevent even the chance of squishing and help saddles keep their shape better.

They're extremely roomy, almost too big for simple orders like the recently finished Jezebel commission.  For larger pieces, like WeeJay and the Babysitter, or more complex orders with lots of parts they're great.  The boxes come in a smaller size, believe it or not, but this is accomplished by reducing the height and that makes it almost unsuitable.  Never a middle ground, is there?

The entire assembly is still incredibly cheap (not as cheap as the baggies at 100/$1), cheap enough that I won't need to raise prices.  Win win, right?

I'll be shipping the last two commissions and a few odds and ends out in the new boxes this week.  It's nice to have all of those loose ends tied up!