Photos - Rose City Live

Leah of Shoestring Stable sent me photos over a month ago from Rose City Live in Portland, Oregon.  Leah was one of my beta testers for the saddle guide and took her saddle with her! It looks AMAZING.

She made the bridle, boots, and accessories herself, I believe. The diorama in the bottom picture is by Caryn Peck of Mountain Home Models. She placed an order with me over the summer and took her tack to the show, too! In fact, in the first picture up there, the Appaloosa is sporting english tack by me.  Below are the rest of the photos of Caryn's performance set ups!

Caryn makes terrific props in Stablemate scale. People gush over tack, but sometimes forget how important  the proper combination of horse, tack, props, and knowledge are. I just don't have the flair for performance showing, so I'm so grateful that people like Leah and Caryn, who are absolutely awesome exhibitors, are able to get out there and make good use of it.

All photos in this post are courtesy of Leah! I think I have some more show photos from other folks somewhere to go through...but gotta find 'em first!

PS - here's another photo Leah sent! This is one of my older pieces, from 2009 if I remember correctly. It's always nice to see older projects resurfacing!