Pleasant Surprises

I am not heavily involved in showing, either live or photo, but I've done my share of photo showing in the past and still keep a small string on IMEHA.  I check on them maybe, what, every two months? Three? Something like that.  The format is such that it's very easy for someone like me, with very little time and frankly, not a lot of interest, to set it up and let it run.  I absolutely love this feature.

Only one of my five or six horses currently on IMEHA has any kind of success. Mindy, painted by Kimberly Bleecker, usually places fairly well (though there are some headscratchers) but surprised me by earning division champion in the July 2012 show! Whoohoo!

The lady in question, As You Wish (remember my theme?).

And proof! IMEHA July 2012 Div. B8 Results.  The excitement of a division championship, even several months after the fact, is enough to make a person want to keep showing!