Please Welcome...

Princess Buttercup! All the way from the kingdom of, Amanda Brock's studio.

She's gorgeous though, right?

I like to theme things sometimes, and I decided, after buying my first gaited breed resin (Mindy!) that my gaited/light breed horses would all have Princess Bride names. So far it's Mindy, Dainty Darcy, and a Behning Morgan who is currently nameless, but should I ever get my hands on a Covenant Renewed I can promise you - he'll be named The Dread Pirate Roberts. Or somesuch nonsense.

Princess Buttercup arrived yesterday amid gale force winds (or that's what it felt like, anyway) and today is COLD, so no outdoor shoot for a while. I also have homework up to my eyeballs and social obligations tonight. Bummer. She needs an official photo shoot!