State of the Studio

I know it's been awfully quiet over here, but it's because I've been working so hard! Not on tack, unfortunately.  School and work have been taking up a lot of my time - I really only have the energy to read a couple of my favorite blogs and spin through a forum or two.

So here's a quick State of the Studio address that has very little to do with the  So maybe it should be a State of the Artist address?

Regardless, class is going well.  I've talked to an admissions advisor that works with transfer students and the plan is to head to the 4 year college next fall.  I had planned to transfer in January, but taking another semester at the community college has a very tangible benefit.  There's an award available to students who transfer with 48 or more credit hours, and I'm just a semester away from that.  I have almost all of my gen-ed requirements taken care of (aside from college algebra, which is being pesky), so I'll be able to use the spring semester to take college algebra and a couple of classes that will apply towards a business minor.

There are a lot of financial decisions to make and loose ends to tie up before I actually transfer, but I'm working on a check list and I'm excited! I think.  Change is always scary, and big life changes are even scarier!

Now an update about the studio!

I've gotten a few requests recently for commissions or orders, and unfortunately I've had to turn them all down.  This is never personal, it's just the way life is during the school year.  Here's what will happen, though: when class lets out in December, I'll start working on a few sales pieces.  The plan is to put out at least two: one english and one western, both for OF plastics.  If I can get more out, I definitely will but last semester I experienced some severe burnout prior to the holidays.  My schedule will be a little lighter leading up to the end of the semester, but I can guarantee you that all I will want to do for the first week is bask in my freedom!

Right now, I am leaning towards auctioning the sets because lets face it: college is not cheap.  Tuition at the new school will be twice as much as the community college, and if I can auction these sets it's likely that I'll be able to cover the costs of a new laptop and the office software I'll need before I start. I know that not as many people like auctions and using MyAuctionBarn takes that number down a little further, but so far it's worked out pretty well.

I've been sitting on some show pictures and other goodies that I could post on the blog simply because I don't have time! Now that the half-semester class has finished, there may be enough time to get somethign written up.  I certainly hope so!