UPDATED: Complete Sales List

Here's a complete sales list, copied from my post at the Model Horse Blab. Please contact me via email (akirby@dreamflitedesign.com) to inquire about purchasing/shipping.

Shipping is not included in the prices but runs around $12-$15 for one Traditional in the United States. Shipping may be less and exact quotes will be given. International buyers are welcome, but international shipping will be via Priority mail and I declare for full value and as merchandise/goods on customs forms.

I'm working on photos as quickly as I can. $25-$15 will have photos taken as soon as possible; all others on request.

UPDATE! Photos can be seen here: Picasa Album.


Milton (grey on Big Ben) - great condition, itty bitty mark on side of ear and a little scratch near his muzzle.
John Wayne's Duke (flbt. grey on Clock Horse/ASB) - rough seams along forelock/between hind legs, otherwise stellar condition. Very fine, even fleabites.
ELCR Palomino (on San Domingo) - Lovely shading, no rubs that I can see. Box-side mane is a little sloppy if you wanted to get picky.
Theodore O'Connor (chestnut on Phar Lap) - GORGEOUS shading. No flaws that I can see!


Quo Vadis (black on Lady Phase) - shiny marks on back, not a lot of facial definition, minor eartip rubs. No hang tag. Good shelf model/tack body! 
Belgian Mare (on Wixom) - tippy. Flake of paint about the size of a pencil tip out of her inner ear (factory flaw) + ear rubs, light rubs on back hooves, faint scratch on left flank. Would make a great play horse or shelf sitter. 
Saddle Club Belle (black on Indian Pony) - Gorgeous shading with red undertones, spotless except for rub on box-side stifle. Photos available! 
Saddle Club Prancer (chestnut on Halla) - Eartip rubs, crooked off hind leg (easy fix in hot water), some minor box-side damage (shiny mark, itty bitty scuff). 


Sahara (fleabitten grey on Lady Roxana) - pretty paint job, unpopular mold. tiny eartip rubs, and what looks like a scuff in just the right light below her box-side eye. $15.
Domino the Happy Trail Horse (grey pinto on San Domingo) - older paint job with lots of overspray. teeny tiny eartip rubs, some tiny dark scuffs in the white from storage. $15.
[BODY] Theodore O'Connor - etching started. Gorgeous shading, came with a nasty box-side rub and I lost my receipt. Also lost my patience for etching a Traditional scale model. Pattern is roughed out with charcoal pencil that will wipe off with a damp rag.
[BODY] Mule - carpet herd, lots of dark marks and shiny spots from other hooves. 
CLASSIC Walmart Mustang - Dakota & Flicka set - both in excellent condition, horse has second hole drilled in side of mouth to hold a bit but very unobtrusive. No rubs/shiny marks that I can see. Fawn has minor eartip rubs.


Black Beauty x2 - Dreamweaver and dark resist dapple grey. Dapple grey doesn't stand at all, Dreamerweaver is stable with something under his raised front hoof. Both have rubs, etc but not horrible. $10 ea.
Black Beauty on Phar Lap - etching started, large belly spot and blaze.
Short-tail bay Treasure Hunt Lady Phase - Etched to overo on both sides, nice pattern. Repainted eyes + one hoof. Lots of rubs in the paint, though - bought as a body. 
Rowdy Yates (grulla Buckshot) - tippy! nasty face seam and some surprisingly minor rubs from suicide attempts. Body/play horse, or shelf sitter if you have plenty of Quake Hold.
[CLASSIC] Walmart Mustang Set - Bay blanket Appaloosa Mesteno's Mother and black leopard Mesteno the Foal. Foal has minor scuff on the top of his tail, mare is gorgeous semi-gloss and has tiny rubs on her nose.
[CLASSIC] Dreamer/Sonador (chestnut on Ginger). Great condition. No flaws that I can see. Does not include doll or accessories.
[CLASSIC] Goliath (Black Beauty from Sonador and Goliath set) - some shiny marks from storage, rough face seam/near knee, no rubs. Does not include Sonador.
[CLASSIC] Walmart Mustang - Aguila. Dun pinto on Black Beauty. Tiny pinpoint eartip rub on right ear, otherwise no flaws. Available with grullo pinto frolicing foal for $13 total.
[CLASSIC] Walmart Mustang - Blackfoot. Dun on American Quarter Horse stallion (cantering). Messy Breyer airhole on offside, second hole drilled to hold a bit. Carpet herd, but really, really good shape. Subtle barring, very matte body with semigloss mane/tail. Buy with Lighting (see Less than $10 section) for $13 total.

Less than $10!

$7ea or both for $12Action Stock Horse Foal x2 - Moonbeam and Leopard Appaloosa - both have seam splits at the base of the tail. Appy is starting to separate. Would make great kids play horses.
$7 [CLASSIC] Grullo Pinto Ginger - Walmart Mustang. Play horse, glossed hooves, a couple of tiny scratches, shiny marks. Came with red dun mustang foal - not included.
$7 [CLASSIC] Sonador/Dreamer (chestnut on Duchess). Etched to minimal overo, belly spots + blaze and socks. PSQ/NLSQ, otherwise no flaws.
$5 [CLASSIC] Walmart Mustang - American Quarter Horse Foal/Frolicing Foal in grulla pinto. Missing the very tip of right ear (more like a hard, hard rub) and a tiny eartip rub on the other, otherwise no flaws. Available with Aguila (see $10 section) for $13 total.
$5 [CLASSIC] Walmart Mustang - American Quarter Horse Foal Lightning (came with Blackfoot - dark bay blanket Appaloosa). Some fuzzy pattern edges along hips, otherwise no flaws. Buy with Blackfoot (see $10 section) for $13 total.
$3 [CLASSIC] Walmart Mustang - Mesteno the Foal "Naldo" - red bay. Body/play horse, mare not available. Free for the taking if you spend $25 or more!