Winter Break Projects

Like most college students, I'm counting down the days until the semester is over. In just about four weeks, I'll have a month or more of nothing but my part time job and tack, which really gets me excited! I'll be able to get my supplies out of their closet for (almost) the first time since class started in August.

I'm already plotting what I want to do over break. There are, of course, the projects I probably won't be able to work on: Stablemate cowries, refining the Australian saddle pattern, new styles of printed pads, sculpting a western tree, etc. I've got a running list of supplies to order as soon as class lets out, though, and I've been brainstorming about the kinds of sales pieces I want to put out. All kinds of interesting projects come my way through commissions, but as much as I enjoy them there's just not enough time to devote to the commission process during break.

Last year most of the sales pieces centered around resins, and some feedback I've gotten has suggested that there's a hole in the world of miniature tack: plastics are feeling left out! The pieces I make over break this year will definitely be for plastics, then, but I have yet to decide what to make or for whom. I'd like to put out at least one each of western and english, possibly auction...but I may post one or two straight to MH$P/other venues and work on one grand project on the side to be auctioned at the end of break.

The long and short of it is that I'd like suggestions from you, potential buyers, about what you'd like to see and for which OF plastics, be it Breyer or Stone! Let me know in the comments!

Here's what was done during LAST year's break:

2nd prototype for Australian saddle.