There Are Bodies, and There Are *Bodies*

I have a few really good mail days coming my way. I have the other half of a trade making it's way towards me, stirrups from Horsing Around, a bunch of stuff from Amazon (my 6ft phone cord died, and of course I needed screen protectors and then had just $11 left to hit free shipping and the Nook case I wanted was on sale...) and I ordered some Aves Apoxie Sculpt. The Apoxie Sculpt showed up today, kicking off what I hope will be an entire week of arrivals.

(Today was also a browse ALL the thrift stores day. The Black Stallion is, as far as I can tell, an undated reprint and a decent buy for $5! Also picked up some good music but no HSO.)

Technically, the Apoxie Sculpt is for making trees. The prototype was made out of Super Sculpy III and is a little on the crumbly side. I'm concerned about long-term wear and its pretty clear that the Sculpy isn't exactly the best material to use on something this small.

With Apoxie in the house, though, I've been dreaming of the models I could tweak. I mean really, how hard can it be* to sculpt manes and tails? I've always wanted a braided version of several different molds, and I'd love to clean up the G4 Driving horse's legs and feet. I pulled out the body boxes and was horrified to realize that I really don't have anything I can give a new 'do!

You see, for me, there are bodies and there are bodies. 

These are bodies: used and abused for the purpose of tack fitting, some more than others depending on popularity and suitability.

The whole point of having OF bodies on hand (and there are about 40 in there, not including the micro minis) is so that I can accommodate their little quirks. In most cases, redoing the mane completely defeats that purpose. Ergo, all of the bodies in the body box are off limits.

Ah, but I have a second body box! These are the duplicates.

Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot in there, either. Everything I've read says that Apoxie needs to go on bare plastic or factory paint. Seabiscuit (which I have x3 or 4) would look a little silly in braids with such forward motion and I'm too chicken to try resculpting an entire neck.

Until I have the time to strip some of those bodies, I'll have to hold off on any sculpting aspirations. Sigh.

*Said COMPLETELY tongue in cheek! Not having actually sculpted a mane or tail before, I have no idea how hard it is.