I'm In!

I've been accepted to my 4 year college of choice! I'm really excited and really scared, too. There are a lot of moving parts, so to speak, involved in the transfer from my community college to the 4 year school and a lot of uncertainties for me about the transition from online classes to a classroom.

In happier news: ART. This transfer means that I finally get to work on degree-specific classes. I'm not transferring until the fall, but my first priority will be getting all of the required art classes done so that I can enter the BFA program. Eeek, it's so exciting!

I've managed to do a little doodling in my free time...which is at church on Sunday mornings! I'm one of those people who listens better with busy hands, so never fear - I'm still paying attention.

Here's the doodle from the 13th -

Annnnd I colored it in Photoshop (Cs5 with an Intuos4, for those who care).

And from this past Sunday!

Sorry, they're all bad iPhone pictures (well, except for the colored version of 1/13). I think the last fella might have ears that are a wee bit big for him, too...oh well! It's a good way for me to relax on Sunday.