New Year - New Tack!

Looking for a new performance piece to start the 2013 off right? The first sales piece of 2013 is up for offers on MH$P! 

Modeled after the Stubben Roxane dressage saddle and the 38 Deluxe Dressage Girth, this set also features my first (and possibly only, wow was it rough!) crank noseband - padded at the nose band, brow band, AND under the chin! This is possibly the most detailed dressage set I've turned out to date and is on an easy to acquire mold - no need to go out and buy an expensive resin to show it!

There's a lot of detail on this set, most of it concentrated on the bridle, so let me run you through it quickly.


> Raised
> Padded
> Crank noseband w/ padding and faux buckle
> Appropriate faux buckles everywhere, including keepers
> Cavesson and curb hangers cross over the crown piece - very "in"
> Silver and blue tags on the browband - a Stubben signature

> Appropriately shaped tree
> Knee rolls modeled after Stubben's Roxane model
> Silver and blue studs at the pommel - another Stubben signature

> Padded
> Faux buckles with tongues
> Tabs on the billet ends for easy tacking
> Shaped just like the 38 Deluxe Dressage girth

Sound like something you're interested? I'm taking offers through January 6. Check out the MH$P ad for more details and the current high offer!