The Life and Times of a Parade Saddle

It's not done, but here's how it went from this:

To this:

Step One: Cover Tree
I painted the horn, swells, and back of the cantle with metallic silver paint, then covered with silver leaf. Black suede (thinned down considerably) added for the seat.

Step Two: Make Skirts + Fenders + Jockeys.
Showing the bottom skirt and rigging.

And checking fit...

Step Three: Attach Skirts + Seat
Super glue, baby, super glue. And clothespins. Lots of clothespins.

Step Four: Attach Fenders.
Also, check fit of jockeys prior to slathering them in silver.

Step Five (optional): Pull out every Disney movie you own for a tack making marathon.

Step Six: Attach Jockeys.

Step Seven: Cantle + Saddle Strings + Stirrups

Step 8: Tapaderos!
Also, training fenders. Small clips are holding the tapaderos to the stirrups while the glue dries, and the larger ones are turning the fenders so that they lay properly against the horse's side.

Step Nine: Serape
Or "How to slowly go insane." Dangley bits added somewhere between Ten and Eleven.

Step Ten (optional): Clean Desk Before Insanity REALLY Sets In

Step Eleven: Breast Collar

Add buckle to neck strap...

And there we are! Still to go are hip drops and a bridle. Maybe some time in April...