The Rest of the Year in Review

I've already posted my Year of Saddles, but a lot happened this year outside of tack.

In 2012...

I finished the English Saddle Guide.
Started in May of 2011 and finally released early in 2012. Most of the work was done in 2011, but I think it bears a mention since most of the promotion was done in 2012.

I started up a studio Facebook page...
Which is now at 270+ likes. Thanks guys!

I haven't completely abandoned the blog...
Yeah, posting was down a little bit (82 posts in 2012 vs 90 in 2011) but I think I managed to do more how-to stuff in 2012 than any year before.

I sold via auction for the first time...
it looks like it was a rousing success!

I made my first Pebbles scale saddles...
And learned that I really don't have the patience for larger strapgoods.

I redesigned the website and blog...
And managed to roll out those changes with very little trouble.

I added several new resins to my herd...
The Babysitter, a second Little Lonestar, Vtoo, and Dainty Darcy, who even has clothes!

I'm not a big fan of resolutions. Goals, on the other hand, can be broken down into baby steps. Goals can be accomplished. Here are a few things that I'd like to do in 2013.

Post more during the semester.
Once a week would be nice. Maybe I need to bring in some outside bloggers for guest posts, do more "good reads," wordless days, whatever. It's a little hard to post consistently when there's nothing on the workbench, but I want to give it a shot.

Learn how to cast stuff.
Like western trees. And Australian stock saddle trees. And anything else that I think the hobby is missing in Stablemate scale.

Have a "store" of finished products ready to go year-round.
Stuff like cast trees and printed western pads, and maybe some extra patterns for the english saddle guide.

My first goal, though? Finish this.