Checking In

Helloooo February! Kinda snuck up on me. Please excuse the somewhat incoherent nature of this post; it's really just going to highlight some random hobby musings.

School is proceeding as expected. In fact, once I get some prior obligations out of the way, I might be able to organize my school schedule so that I can work on tack during the semester! Hurray!

I set aside some time today to work on my Show for the Cure donation. The show is in it's 7th year, I believe, and the cause is near and dear to my heart. I might be a little biased, but I think this is going to be my best donation yet. More on that later.

Fun fact: Hobby Lobby carries 1/8 in. grosgrain ribbon in some colors. I picked some up when I went in to get boxes for storing my DVDs. Both were something of a disappointment; the boxes are a matter of millimeters too narrow for effective DVD storage and the ribbon, while tiny, is not quite Stablemate-scale-halter tiny. I should have picked up the spool of 1/16th I saw there.

Another fun fact: while 1/8 in. is too wide for the average Stablemate, it's perfect for the Babysitter and other larger-than-Stablemate scale horses. Dinky Duke, WeeJay, and the AA Thoroughbred are among those.

Also: ribbon is a lot harder to work with than leather.

And...drum roll please...

I have the first printed pads of 2013 in hand! I ran a sheet of medium pads out and they look great...except for the part where my printer spazzed and some of them are a little crooked. Most of the sheet is salvageable, though, I'm just short on fabric. I need to make another trip to Hobby Lobby. I've upgraded to the washable fabric, hoping that the quality is a little better, but the texture is a little funny. More like linen and less like cotton. We'll see how it works.

I'll hopefully have a post about the S4tC donation soon, when it's a little more presentable!