New Faces

The last two weeks have been very good mail weeks. Two new ponies and my almost-missing Horsing Around order came! Two new models and nice weather are the perfect excuse for some artistic photography.

The first new pony is actually an old mule. He's the final product of a long, long trade. I'm just glad he's home and looks so cute! He'll show under the name "Atticus," since all of my mules have names themed around "To Kill a Mockingbird." The sorrell mule shown with him is an Ellie Mae (painted by yours truly and in need of stripping) named Harper.

The other new horse is my very first resin Arabian! I fell in love with Jezebel when I had resculpted model here for tack fitting last summer. This painted copy by Erika Ipes went up for sale and I jumped on her. Right now she's going to show on IMEHA as "Hosanna."