Snow Day!

The midwestern blizzard hit in full force this morning. It's been snowing almost non-stop since 5 or 6 am. It's bad enough that the newspaper I work at closed the office at noon; I work in the afternoons, so that means I get a snow day!

The birds love this weather, and so does my Beagle/Labrador mix, Cooper.

Some members of the family are not nearly so impressed with the conditions...

He's grumpier than usual, but don't worry - he has an insulated cat house.

The luckiest of all is Molly. Her thin skin and nice house manners mean that she gets to come inside when it gets this cold.

Snow days are perfect for being lazy, and I spent my morning working on something every horse needs in these conditions...a turnout blanket!

It ended up being a little long for Hosanna, but the straps are adjustable and it fits a few other models really nicely. There are even clips on the belly straps on the near side, but it was easier to photograph her from the right ;)

I'm going to spend my afternoon writing a paper on the condition of the United States' competitive advantage in manufacturing. Wish me luck.