(Almost) Spring Break

It's official - I have asthma. The good news is that I'm on a twice-daily inhaler now and should hopefully start feeling better in a week or two as it takes effect.

The bad news is that until then, I'm still a bit short of breath and very tired. I've had trouble focusing on, well, everything lately. I miss making tack, but I can't get anything out because then I feel guilty for not working on classwork that I've been putting off, and so not working on tack makes it even worse. Vicious cycle and all that. I've been doing bits and pieces when I've felt like it, including working on a barn for photo shoots. I may turn that into a post of it's own later.

Spring break is coming up soon, and with it the start of my second half-semester math class: College Algebra. I'm actually excited, since I enjoyed Intermediate Algebra so much. We'll see what happens. I should be able to get some tack done then, too! Next on the list is finishing up that Aussie saddle. You saw the bridle a few weeks ago, and the tree needs just a little more tweaking before we're good to go.

So there's a wee bit of an update. Not much, I know, but hopefully as I start to feel better I'll manage my time more effectively and get back into the swing of things.

And last Sunday I did another doodle! Here's the "Sunday Pony," original sketch and then the start of coloring in Photoshop.