Target Wins Again

I love Target. The chic and stylish bedding, the completely and wonderfully fashionable home decor, the clothes that look adorable but never fit (what's up with that, Target?), and the wonderful blend of function and form that is their home storage/office supply area.

I love breezing by the clearance end caps, and here's why:

38 cents. It probably wasn't terribly expensive to start with, but still! $0.38! It's not just any notebook...

It's a file folder! The downside is that those cute little tabs are impossible to write on, so I had to use some sticky labels and trim them down. BUT HEY. It works. I'm using this for pattern storage instead of the index card box. This book fits in better with the other storage items, taking up less room wherever I stash it - desk, shelf, etc. It's maybe not quite as friendly for flipping through, but those accordion sections are pretty generous.

I know it looks spacious, but really - not enough room for an index card box!
Bonus: it actually has a little notebook, and it's removable - and a standard size. I can eventually replace it! It's great for jotting down quick measurements, tack ideas, sketching carving ideas for western saddles...I'm excited, can you tell?

I picked up several of these in different colors, and my Target still had a lot left. If you want one - head over now!