Reference Photos: Unknown Western Saddle

Yesterday I mentioned my garage sale find of the year: a western saddle for $25. I can't locate a makers mark, but it seems pretty sound. I'll actually be using it for a swing (any interest in a blog post documenting that progress?) but I took the time to snap some photos for anyone who doesn't have one handy or previous experience with western tack.

No matter how much of a Google guru you are, it can be hard to find photos of certain things, like the way the swells are covered and how it's cut for the horn.

Or the shape of the seat...

Or the underside of the fork!

I'm probably a bit biased, but I think the tooling on this saddle is really pretty.

There are more photos of the entire saddle

in the Picasa album (click to follow)

. I tried to cover everything I could think of that might help, but if there's a particular part you'd like to see, let me know!