Throwback Thursday

Hey guys! The spring semester is almost over, and I hope to gently ease back into blogging over the next week or so. To kick it off, here's a then and now with a set I just finished this week.

Every now and then, you make a piece and just sit back and sigh. You think "I've done it. I've reached the pinnacle of my abilities.This is it."

Back in 2012, this set was that pinnacle:

The shape of the seat, the cantle, the boots and strap goods...all of it was the best I'd done so far.

Fast forward to today.

The strapgoods and boots haven't changed much, but the saddle. The depth and shape of the seat, the narrow twist, the height of the pommel, and that cantle. I am ridiculously proud of the BACK of that saddle. I feel like I finally nailed the shape of the panels.

So here's the moral of the story: enjoy those pinnacles! Brag about it and show people and be proud, but don't rest there and for goodness' sake don't allow yourself to get caught up in the "Well, THIS could be better" trap. Everything can always be better; that's what the next project is for.