State of the Studio

As the year winds down (slowly), I like to stop by and present my readership with a State of the Studio post. One part reflection, one part planning, and a couple parts rambling, it's great fun for all, right? Right!

So here's what's up...

Looking Back.
Not much happened, hobby-wise this year. The english saddle guide is still floating out on the interwebs, selling occasionally without much work from me. I wasn't able to work on many projects, just because I've been so busy. See the next point..,

Life Changes.
My boyfriend proposed on January 1, and we got married in September! Life's been pretty good since then.

We've moved, unpacked, and done all sorts of insanity. I'm finishing up the final semester of my Bachelors degree and will walk with a handful of my art department classmates in a week.

Moving Forward.
Hobby things will once again have a large part of my life and I cannot wait. Here's what I hope that will look like...

  • The website (and blog, perhaps) will get an overhaul and the image galleries that haven't been updated since 2012 will finally get updated.
  • The western saddle guide will finally become a reality, and cast trees will be in regular production.
  • The english saddle guide might get a face lift. I need to use my art degree for something, right?
  • I will be actively taking commissions and working on sales pieces. Information on that will come out some time in January.
  • The blog will (hopefully) be a little more active!

In addition to the fun hobby stuff, I'm going to try my hand at freelancing so that I can build a solid portfolio while job hunting. I'll probably be looking to the hobby to see if any of my compatriots are in need of updated websites, business cards, etc. We'll see what we can come up with!

I'm so excited about being back in the saddle. I can't wait for class to be over!