Year in Review

2015 was an incredibly eventful year for me, if a little light on the hobby side of things. Here's a review in pictures:

I finished the Aussie saddle

And got engaged (January)

I did homework (February)

LOTS of homework (March)

And eventually turned the projects in (April)

I made the best saddle that I've ever done (May)

And started designing my wedding invitations (June)

I went to Arkansas...

And New Mexico...

For two family weddings (Justin's brother on the left, mine on the right) (July)

Then I started my last semester of college (August)

We rehearsed...

And got married (September)

We began adapting to married life (this includes two kinds of peanut butter) (October)

I made a thing (November)

And then I graduated! (December)
Summa cum laude with departmental honors, baby!

And celebrated my first Christmas with my husband (and a live tree).

2015 was light on hobby involvement, but a year that I will never forget. It was full of excitement, stress, love, anxiety, new family and new experiences. I gained 7 (!!) sisters in law and two brothers, along with the best in laws that a girl could hope for. I hope 2016 is full of the same exciting things (though maybe fewer weddings and less anxiety!).