Barn Crazy

There's been a sudden flood of model barns in my various hobby social media feeds, from PawPrints Saddlery's Facebook page to Jennifer Buxton's blog. The barn bug hit, and I asked my mom to bring my old Breyer barn with her the next time she came over. She did, and it now sits upstairs in the guest room, in all of it's unassembled glory, because lets face it: I have no room to store or display that thing when it's all put together!

I made what feels like dozens of barns out of cardboard as a kid, because as much as I loved my Traditionals I just couldn't have the sprawling barn complex I dreamed of in 1:8th. My room just wasn't big enough! The memories of my Stablemate barns came flooding back, so of course the urge to build a newer, better, more grown-up barn is here in full force. Besides, I can use it as a backdrop for saddle photos! It's a business need, right? Right!

So now I'm a girl with a vague plan, a tiny drill bit, and twelve feet of 1/4 inch square dowel rod for framing. Wish me luck.