March Commissions!

I finished the March commissions yesterday! Out of the six commissions I've completed thus far this year, five have been western. I have non-western projects slated for April, thank goodness, but I've gotten very good at working with cast trees!

Here's the progression of one of the latest sets.

Using the baking soda and super glue method to rebuild a horn on one of my studio seconds.

The skirt and tree, after carving and prepping for metal nail heads and before dye.

The skirts are dyed and the suede for the seat has been thinned. Ready for assembly!

The saddle (far left) has been assembled and it's on to strap goods.

The tie down has been started.

Girth! One for this saddle, one for me.

Getting the bridle sorted out and making sure everything is easy to use.

And done!

You can see more photos of this set on


.You should be able to view the album even if you don't have an account.

I'm still waiting on the new owner to approve the other March commission before I post the finished photos. Here's a little sneak peek...