Wednesday Round-up: Hobby Inspiration

I'm sort of between commissions right now and my enthusiasm for the studio sometimes wanes when I don't have a commission to focus on. One thing that often gets me back in gear is browsing other tack maker's work. I find myself oohing and ahing over the amazing, tiny things and start thinking, "You know what, I could do that, too!"

If hump day has you down, here's a list of my 5 go-to hobby inspirations (in no particular order) that help motivate me to create!

1. Jennifer Buxton / Braymere Custom Saddlery
Perhaps THE model horse blogger, if we have such a thing. Her blog is a wealth of information about performance showing and tack making, liberally sprinkled with her own hobby experiences. Her saddles are wonderful, but I usually find myself obsessing over the meticulous detail in her strap goods.

2. Cindy Cilker / The Mini Tack Girl
Cindy was active from 1999-2006, and I found her website just as I was beginning to explore realistic tack making. Cindy has, hands down, been the number one inspiration for me. At 17 or 18, I could only dream of making work like Cindy's. My personal tack collection is non-existent, but a piece (or two) by her is one of my holy grails. I still browse her website from time to time, just enjoying how beautifully her work sits on the models.

3. Cristina Brown / On the Bit Studio
Cristina's blog isn't updated as frequently as Jennifer's, but she frequently shows off her finished work and it's gorgeous! I'm in awe of how well balanced her saddles are, and how nicely the seat and panels are shaped.

4. Corinne Ensor / Shoebox Saddlery
The detail in Corinne's work...I just don't know how she does it. It looks like her website has been recently overhauled, but a few of her older works can be seen in the Corinne Ensor Gallery on the Model Horse Gallery.

5. Susan Bensema Young / Timaru Star II
Susan was one of the pioneers of model tack making, and her book is a fabulous resource. I believe there are plans underway to digitize that hard-to-find resource! The centerpiece of Susan's work, to me, is the delicate braiding. Make sure you zoom in on all of her bridles!

What are your go-to hobby blogs/websites/Facebook pages? I'd love to hear about them!