I've Fallen Off the (Blogging) Bandwagon...Again.

It's, ah, been a few weeks. I hit a bit of a hobby slump at the beginning of April, and have just now dragged myself out of it. I have plans - great and wonderful plans - but they'll have to wait until after commissions are finished for the month.

In happier news, there are still

cast seconds of my western saddle tree

up on Etsy, leftover from the end of March bonanza. I have some firsts cast, they just need to be cleaned up.

Progress continues on the western saddle guide - I hit 15 pages earlier this week! Still much, much left to do, but it's coming. I've begun starting my day with an hour of writing upstairs at the kitchen table, and it's helping.

And, to round this post off - one of the benefits of a 45 minute commute to a small town is the scenery - specifically the horses!