Flags of All Nations

I've thought about making tiny national flags to put on saddle pads for a while, but it always got pushed back by other projects. One of my November commissions requested an Australian flag on an eventing set, though, and that was all the push I needed to make it happen.

The Australian flag and a handful of others have been printed off on my favorite printer fabric (Tailor brand Colorfast Fabric) in three sizes, ranging from merely small to downright tiny. 

The largest size flags have been arranged on a quarter.

They look fantastic on saddle pads!

This commission was a portrait set of an Australian eventing team member in Rio.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I could only think of five countries when I printed this batch. I've thought of more since, and had more recommended through the Dreamflite Design Facebook page. I'll be printing another batch, complete with most (if not all) of the suggestions I've received!

While the flags on the commission were glued down, I think these would work well stickywaxed to a plain saddle pad! How cool would that be? Switching up your performance entries would be a snap, whether you wanted to do a portrait set or show some national pride. I may offer sets in my Etsy shop, once I figure out what sizes I need!

Smallest Union Jack ever!