Breyer has been doing some awesome stuff with the Stablemate line recently, including releasing a new mold as the final installment of the Stablemate Club! We recently saw a preview photo of the 2017 installment - a PRE stallion by Maggie Bennett (!!) - and we have the 2016 mold in hand!

Django is a gorgeous Friesian cross, sculpted by Josine Vingerling. He's a major departure from the G3/G4/2013 releases, stepping away from the slightly more cartoonish features of those runs. He reminds me a great deal of the naturalism of the G1 models and, more recently, Valegro (though Django arguably fared better in the molding process than poor Blueberry).

I've heard a lot of people commenting that Django is REALLY BIG, and he's certainly not 1:32. Then again, neither are the G1s, G2s, G3s, or G4s. I don't think ANY of Breyer's plastics are actually in the advertised scale, and they've been trending upwards for a while. So have a lot of Stablemate scale resins. When you think about how large a Friesian cross is likely to be and compare Django to something more recent than a G1, he's actually not that far off. Our boy is a skinny dude, possibly related to the aforementioned molding process, but I don't think he's unreasonably narrow given his breed. He may have feathers, but remember - he's a carriage horse cross, not a Clydesdale. 

Just like my post on Mini Hazel, I'm going to visually compare Django to a variety of plastics and (due to size restrictions) one resin. I've chosen Native Dancer (G1) and the G3 Standing Thoroughbred to represent Breyer, along with Stone's Chips Stock Horse and Sarah Rose's Moxie resin. For reference, Moxie is about the same size as Little Lonestar and a hair larger than Working Girl. I've also included a series of photos comparing Django to all of the other drafty critters I have just for kicks.

Let the photos begin! Hover over an image for a little extra info.