The Jennifer Show

A lot of hobbyists probably already know about it, but this September Jennifer Buxton (Braymere Custom Saddlery) and Jennifer Scott (Aspen Leaf Studio) are hosting a model horse show extravaganza. It has been dubbed, what else, The Jennifer Show. The show sounds like it's going to be amazing - the judges line-up reads like a hobby who's-who, the prizes that have been filtering through the Braymere blog look amazing, and the whole thing is in gorgeous Colorado. What more could you ask for? 

I can't attend in person, so I jumped at the chance to support this show long distance by donating some of my work. I packed the completed donation up today, along with a bunch of other goodies, and shipped it off.

The saddle I made for the show will be the prize awarded to the overall mini performance champion. I cannot WAIT to see the kinds of mini performance set ups that go to Colorado! This kind of show makes people bring their A-game, and it's gonna be good.

I've been posting in progress shots and sneak peeks of the donation set on my studio Facebook page, but here are the official photos!

(Minus the nailheads on the saddle, because I was a dork and forgot to add them before photographing it. Ugh. I fixed it later!)

If you want a shot at this piece, you'll have to go to Colorado this September and take your mini performance horses! Good luck to all of the participants!