Recently Completed: Barb's English Set

Barb's set was a last minute commission opportunity that I advertised via the studio Facebook page. It was snapped up within 3 minutes! Talk about making a girl feel good.

The saddle has been done in dark mahogany; I don't have requests for this color very much, and I think it's because it's such a dark, plummy brown that it's not quite havana and not quite black. It's been long enough since I've used this dye that I'd forgotten how rich it is and how -much depth it has. This saddle has some other innovations that I've been incorporating recently, but I'll talk about them in another post.

This bridle and the two others I've made this month have all had laced reins. After a long drought of them, I actually enjoyed doing three sets in a row! Pro tip: make slits in the reins, not holes. Holes are more prone to tearing when you try to stitch in the lacing; slits have more give and are much less likely to tear. I made it through all three sets without any do-overs.

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