NMTM: Blog Round-Up

One of the things I love most about this hobby is how freely we share our experiences and the skills we've learned. There are quite a few NMTM participants with blogs so I've compiled a list of them! Check them out and follow along with their progress - the official projects don't start until April, but there have been quite a few people posting about getting ready.

Blue Mountain Stable
Kristen Williams

Desktop Stables
Nichelle Jones

De Bruin Saddlery
Jennifer Kay De Bruin (actually a YouTube channel!)

Equiworks Photography
Darleen Stoddard

Five Paws Studio
Kristian Beverly

Homestretch Studios
Emma Van Riper (also posts on Two Cowgirls and a Jumper)

Last Alliance Studios
Christine Sutcliffe

Orcanie Studio
Mélanie Touchard (the blog is in French with an English summary for each post)

Smalley Saddlery
Lisa Smalley

Two Cowgirls and a Jumper
Maddy Hinman, Emma Van Riper, and Becky McCorkendale (Maddy and Emma will be posting about NMTM)

Are you following along with NMTM and posting about it on your blog? Comment below and I'll add you to the list!