National Model Tack Month

In the spirit of NaMoPaiMo, Hanna Bear (of Zafirica Studios) and I are co-hosting National Model Tack Month to encourage hobbyists to make tack - any kind of tack - in April. 

If you aren't sure what NaMoPaiMo is, Jennifer Buxton encouraged hobbyists to paint a model horse - any horse, any way - to completion in February. She dubbed it National Model Painting Month, or NaMoPaiMo, and it was a massive success. I wasn't able to participate, but I loved the spirit of the event and the way it drew complete beginners, experienced painters, and everyone in between into a wonderful, supportive community. Even though I didn't paint a horse in February, I learned so much by watching and cheering everyone along.

National Model Tack Month (or NMTM) has a group on Facebook where we'll be sharing our projects, our struggles, and our tips as we go along and make stuff in April. If you'd like to participate but aren't on Facebook, you're still welcome! 

Like the painting event, the rules for NMTM are simple. Sign up, tell us what you plan to make, and on April 1 start making! Most of the fun will happen on the Facebook group, but if you'd like to participate via email, you can email your name, state or country, skill level (just a rough idea, cause we're nosy!), and what you plan to make to If you want to update us on your project, feel free to email photos! We'll do a periodic recap to keep up with everyone's progress and would love to include you. Our main goal is to make stuff, but those who finish in April will receive a nifty "I Did It!" certificate via email.

If you're a raw newbie who's never touched leather, don't worry. There will be a series of tutorials on the blog in March that will help you prepare for your project and learn some of the basic skills that will help you as you make tack, and plenty of help and support when you start! There are some wonderful, skilled tack makers participating in NMTM, and I know that we'll all learn a lot from each other. As of right now, the Facebook group has over 200 members and 45 confirmed entries. Come join us!