Cyber Monday Sale

If you follow my social media accounts or have signed up to receive studio email newsletters, this isn’t news. For the rest of you, happy day! I’ve been hard at work on a handful of sales pieces and they’ll be offered for sale on Nov. 26 - that’s Cyber Monday in the US, a popular shopping day.

I think the final count (pending some last minute materials sourcing, eep!) will be 12 items made especially for this sale. They’re all small items and I’ve tried to offer a variety of disciplines and molds. There WILL be things for the Hazel lovers, and I’ve had a great time incorporating that new Rio Rondo hardware into my sales.

In addition to the sales items, I’ll be reopening the studio shop and everything still left from the Not-Going-to-Breyerfest Sale of 2017 will be discounted, along with the English Saddle Guide and saddle pads that I typically stock.

The sale will go live on the morning of November 26. An email will go out to the newsletter subscribers, so if you’d like to be among the first to know sign up here! International customers are welcome, as usual. Since the sale will be first come, first serve and things can get a little hectic, I’ll be releasing the sales catalog sometime before Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 22) and will be available to answer any questions I can prior to the sale. The catalog will be available on the website, an email will go out, and links will be posted on the usual social media outlets.

I’ve had a lot of fun making stuff for this sale and I really can’t wait to share all of it with you!