I was on the fence since he was a larger scale, but when Sarah Rose announced that Reveler would be her last resin edition I decided to go ahead and purchase. It was so long ago that I almost forgot about him, but he’s here! He’s gorgeous, I love him, and WOW is he big. There will be no sharing of tack between him and anything else, for those of you who are performance savvy! Here are some quick comparison shots for anyone who is curious.

Left to right: Dinky Duke (Kilbourn), Reveler, Mini Independence (Rose), G2 ASB (Moody), and G1 ASB (Love).

I opted for a raw cast and I’m really pleased with how clean he is! He’s got a little nubbin under his chin and all of his hooves and tail need to be cleaned up, but really - he’s very very smooth. He’ll probably be naked FOREVER, but that’s another story.

Reveler feels like he’s on the big end of this newish intermediate scale (it’s not really new, I know). He looks like he stands taller than Dinky Duke, but in a direct comparison he’s actually a hair shorter along the back. I suspect he’s close enough to Duke to call them the same scale, especially accounting for breed nuances (ASB for Reveler and TB for Duke).

Any questions? Want some measurements? Leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to do what I can!