My Kingdom for a Horse

I've been looking for a Stablemate Valegro locally and haven't tracked one down, so I put out an open call for a trade on my studio Facebook page earlier this week. I actually found two, and in very short order! I'm trading (such a rare occurrence for me!) a western show halter for each of them.

(I'd also like to note, just for kicks, that I've managed to blog every day this week!)

Recently Finished

I wrapped up the last commission of February today! It was a pleasure set to compliment the working set I showed you on Monday.

This one has intricate carving, which prompted a purchase that will be explored next week ;) The bridle is rolled, silvered, and has a delicate chin strap instead of a chain curb.

I'm really pleased with how this one turned out!

The pleasure set and working set will be heading to the same owner, and she requested a couple of halters, too.

The black halter is actually 1/16th black ribbon. I can't say I love this material - I can't skive ribbon the way that I can leather, so it's naturally more bulky. That said, the halter is rather fetching!

Recently Finished

I finished the first commissions of 2016 late last week! I had a studio guest for fitting, but because he's an in progress custom I didn't want to use stickywax on him. Seabiscuit is modelling the commissions instead, and doing his best.

I also finished the first sales piece of 2016! It's currently pending sale.

So far it's been a very productive start to 2016! Here's hoping I can keep up the momentum.

Hobby Recovery

I'm slowly working out of the hobby slump by working on a few fun, easy projects. I made an english saddle and bridle in a day and a half because I was having so much fun with it!

I've put it up on MH$P, and you can see the ad here:

Here's a quick gallery of the set: