cross country

Another One Down...Ninety Billion to Go

Yesterday afternoon, between Disney movies, popcorn, and six or eight episodes of the X Files, I wrapped up Shauna's saddle.  She asked me to recreate a really neat eventing saddle with front and back kneeblocks. It was a really fun project that came together very easily.  I got to try a new technique, too.  Protective legwear is much easier to tack up if reinforced with wire.  Who knew? Plus, I'm on a five or six pair roll for laced reins! No breaks in a long time, so I think I'm really getting good at that.

I've still got a LOT of work to do, though.  Seven saddles are still to be started, with varying levels of difficulty.  Seven might as well be ninety billion right now, since the school semester is drawing to a close and I start a new job in exactly two weeks! Yikes. 

All of that said, though...this post is useless without pictures, right? Right!

Pssst...if you want to bid on the Working Girl set, you've got until the 23rd!

Packing up and shipping out

Any one who orders with me will find that I work very hard and my turn around time is usually quite fast...until you get to shipping. I procrastinate badly after the creative part of tack making is done. I hopped on MS Word a few weeks ago and whipped up some sheets that should help me keep orders, addresses, and dates in line - IF I remember to use them!

I had three orders and a donation that needed shipping out this past week. Two of the orders ought to have been shipped days ago, but I kept finding excuses. It doesn't help that our itty bitty PO keeps strange hours. They close by 4 PM, and the office shuts down entirely for the postmaster's hour lunch break. However, I made do. I finally got the stuff shipped out, and it's on it's way to new homes!

The donation is actually going to California to meet up with the other half of the collaborative donation that Angela Jimenez and I are doing. I made a cross country set and she made a log jump to be donated to Show For The Cure Live. Angela will be hitting a show in Cali before S4TC in March, so we're hoping we can get the tack and jump NAN qualified. The tack set is shown in the photo of this entry.

I love donating to S4TC, it's a wonderful cause. Both of my paternal grandparents and a paternal great aunt died of cancer. I never got to meet my aunt or grandfather and my memories of my grandmother are very dim but I know them through my parents and aunts and uncles, and it's a cause that is close to my heart. I'm thrilled to donate to Show For The Cure, and I intend to donate to it as long as I am in this hobby and the show keeps running.