customer photos

Shana's Endurance Set, Two Years Later

One of my customers posted a really awesome photo of an older piece on my studio Facebook page.  With her permission, I'm reposting it here.  It's just that cool.

This endurance saddle was made for a portrait of Shana's real horse and based on the Wintec Endurance Pro and the assortment of tack that the customer rode in.  It was intended for a customized Swaps, but looks really good on this resin.  Shana did an awesome job on the custom, too, which is a portrait of her horse.

Here's another shot of the set 'out in the field,' so to speak.  She did a spectacular job on the paintwork, as mentioned, and a terrific job tacking the horse up!  Most of what's on there doesn't move a whole lot, but it can be tricky to arrange the accessories appropriately.

The set didn't get much press when it was new, but here's the blog post it was first mentioned in.

Show Photo!

Here's Manuela's photo from Show for the Cure! She got 3rd place in H/J with this setup.  Great job!

There's not a whole lot to write...I've been really busy with tack, finishing things, packing them up, and doing a little bit of painting on the side.  Usually I'm tack only, but I do dabble in pastels occasionally.  I'm finally finishing my Dinky Duke up, just have details to do now!  No photos of him, unfortunately, but he does have a name! Secondhand Serenade, but no one will ever hear it because he'll never be shown, poor fellow.

This week will be devoted to english homework and finishing up two projects: Shauna's english set and a donation for Red Deer Rebellion.  Because I am just that brilliant, I have less than two weeks to wrap up a saddle and the assorted gear that goes with it.  I completed the carving this evening, so theoretically it's smooth sailing from here on out.  That's in theory, though, so just you wait for something to happen!

Mid-Atlantic Regional Photos

One of my wonderful customers, Barb, sent me some photos from the Mid-Atlantic Regional show held last weekend.  She used some western tack I made for her way way back in 2009 and the english set that I finished this month and got some pretty nice results!

Second in dressage

Second in trail

First with a Dreamflite halter

Western Challenge High Point award!

Second in a barrels/poles/games class

First in trail!