Target Wins Again

I love Target. The chic and stylish bedding, the completely and wonderfully fashionable home decor, the clothes that look adorable but never fit (what's up with that, Target?), and the wonderful blend of function and form that is their home storage/office supply area.

I love breezing by the clearance end caps, and here's why:

38 cents. It probably wasn't terribly expensive to start with, but still! $0.38! It's not just any notebook...

It's a file folder! The downside is that those cute little tabs are impossible to write on, so I had to use some sticky labels and trim them down. BUT HEY. It works. I'm using this for pattern storage instead of the index card box. This book fits in better with the other storage items, taking up less room wherever I stash it - desk, shelf, etc. It's maybe not quite as friendly for flipping through, but those accordion sections are pretty generous.

I know it looks spacious, but really - not enough room for an index card box!
Bonus: it actually has a little notebook, and it's removable - and a standard size. I can eventually replace it! It's great for jotting down quick measurements, tack ideas, sketching carving ideas for western saddles...I'm excited, can you tell?

I picked up several of these in different colors, and my Target still had a lot left. If you want one - head over now!

Leather Storage and Epic Win for Target

I bought half a hide of leather last week (thanks, Nancy!) and realized once it arrived that I had no idea how to properly store my leather.  I've been making tack since 2007,  but only in the last six months have I used thin tooling hides and dye.  Previously, I scavenged leather from purses, wallets, and the scrap bags from Tandy that I found at Hobby Lobby.  All of this worked, but I started to think that there had to be a better and more efficient way to do this thing.  I was right, and now I love using dye and the nicer hides.

Inquiries about leather storage on Blab brought up two important things. One: leather should be stored flat or rolled to prevent creases.  Two: leather should be stored away from direct sunlight or bright indoor light to prevent discoloration.  I had everything crammed into a moderately sized snap-lock tote that sat on a shelf in my supplies cabinet.  Stuff was hard to find and scraps of special leather or suede that I was saving always ended up on the bottom or lost between layers.  When I was out and about yesterday, I scoped out some new storage ideas.

As usual, Target had a winner.  This little tote is about 7 1/2 inches high, 6 inches wide, and 9 inches long.  While it wouldn't hold large enough pieces for Traditional scale purposes, it works great for me.  Each section unsnaps, so I don't have to dig to the bottom for what I want.  The third compartment has two smaller containers in it, each divided into three sections and with a lid.

I've got suede, lace, and other small pieces of assorted leather in the bottom, thicker leather in the middle, and my finer tooling leather in the top.  I'm going to HAVE to get another one of these totes to keep my props in!  Another epic win for Target! (plus, I found a super cute pair of purple tye-dye socks for 70c!)

Adding...I had someone pick up a second one of these for me tonight with the thought that it would be PERFECT for my Stablemate scale props.  Unfortunately, quite a bit of my stuff is just a hair too long, wide, or what have you.  So, plan B: art supplies.  Also backfired.  My art supplies fall into two categories; things I use constantly and things I use once in a blue moon.  It's just not practical to store them all in one tote.  I don't have a plan C, but I desperately love this storage container and want to keep it.  Plan C may be taking it back, though, because I can't justify keeping a $8.00 container that I don't really need.  $8 is two gallons of gas nowadays!

Random Studio Photos!

So, because this has been a crazy week and I have no other progress to report, I'm posting three random studio pictures!

The fluffy yellow cat has decided that he needs to be my studio buddy. He's too much of a wimp to jump two feet to my lap (probably because he's fallen a few times) so he sneaks up behind me and paws at my side until I lift him up. I was trying to get a shot of him pawing me (that doesn't sound quite right...) in the second photo, but it didn't quite work out.

The last photo is a shot of the cups that I use to keep track of tack orders (also in the photo: the reminder that I need to call the vet to get my cat and dog in....sent a month ago. Whoops.). I write the customer's name and the date I started the order on the outside of a Dixie-type cup in sharpie and make sure that anything associated with the order makes it back into that cup. I started hanging them on the board after I got really tired of knocking cups over on my desk. The only problem with the big alligator clips is that they unbalance the cup when it's on the desk. I set them down and WHOOMP they fall over.

So, that's it for today! I've got homework to finish up and then I'm going to turn on some music and CLEAN like a maniac! I'll be able to spend most of tomorrow in the studio and I should be able to finish up Barb's tack and get a start on the WeeJay order!