Show for the Cure 2013

If you've been following my progress on Facebook, you'll have seen the completed pictures of my Show for the Cure donation. You've seen some of the frustrations on this blog; it was the donation saddle that had an unfortunate incident with nail polish remover. I had intended to start the donation over winter break, but like so many of my good intentions, it never quite made it to the action phase.

As far as I can tell (records keeping was spotty in the early days), this is the 5th straight year that I have donated.  Here's a brief pictorial history...




This year's donation is a bit of a throw back, since it's another western show set.

The most  notable feature is that this is the first completed saddle to be built on a new, sculpted tree. It's also my first saddle with aluminum duct-work tape. That stuff is awesome. The silver has tiny cancer awareness ribbons etched into the design, and the saddle is hand carved. There's a properly tied latigo (and latigo keeper!) on the left and a quick-tack-up tongue buckle on the right. The bridle is a rolled single ear with plain split reins and a photo etched curb from TWMHC.

I've spoken to Jenna Nejman, the hostess for Show for the Cure, and she's told me that the saddle will be a silent auction item. Bidding will end at the show, but if you can't make the show and are still interested it sounds like you'll have a chance to place a bid. She'll post more information later, and I'll relay that here when I have it.

Show for the Cure Donation, Take Two

If anyone would like a chance to own this saddle, Jenna (hostess of S4tC) is auctioning it! Here's the link: http://www.modelhorsesalespages.com/sales/view_details.asp?path=Gallery&id=839752

The lovely ladies on Blab pointed out a couple of issues on the saddle, so after revising here it is!

Also showing the six different saddle pads I made for it. I fooled around with printable fabric and let me just say...AWESOME. The pattern sizes and whatnot need some tweaking but oh wow. I will never use felt for a western pad again!

Almost Done

I've got two tack sets nearly done, and it feels so nice to have them near the final stages!

They're both for the same gal, and the western style endurance set was one I'd never tried before, even though I had it listed on my website.

So far so good, but just how the curb strap is going to work is something I haven't quite decided on yet.

The english saddle is probably my best so far. The shape of the flaps is just beautiful, and the seat has a really nice shape to it. I'm excited about it, and I really wish it were a personal set!

I also tried something new with the bridle. Typically, I do 'german' hackamores which are basically a covered wire with shanks and a chin strap/chain. Usually quite strong. This time I attempted and english hackamore, which seem to be more common for jumping and eventing. I think it turned out nicely, but it was rather fiddly. Added to that, the fact that the horse these sets will eventually be shown on is a G2 Warmblood with a slightly customized nose, and it was kind of hard to keep everything straight. You still can't see much of the running martingale because of the tucked head, but my customer's model has had his head raised in addition to the nose job, so I think it will all turn out nicely.