NMTM Essential Skills Series: Dyeing Leather

NMTM Essential Skills Series: Dyeing Leather

Most tack makers have a similar progression: we begin with whatever we can scavenge and make, moving on to better materials as our skills outgrow cobbled together supplies. One of the natural parts of this progression is realizing that you cannot rely on found leather. There comes a point when you decide that you need to take the jump and buy natural leather. Unless you intend to only make light oil western pleasure saddles forever, you'll need some dye to go along with it.

NMTM: Rio Rondo

Rio Rondo is the hobby's go-to source for all kinds of hardware, tack making supplies, and kits. I am thrilled to announce that they're supporting NMTM! 

Carol and the team at Rio Rondo put together a special promotion code for NMTM participants. Mention "NMTM2017" when you place your order to qualify for a 10% discount on most all in-stock tackmaking items and all kits. (When ordering on the website, just type it in for a part number or put it in the comments box at the bottom.)

We have a few items where discounts don't apply, but the discount will be applied to all items that do.
Normal "quantity discounts" are still applicable as well.
Please note that discounts will be applied when the order is invoiced (they don't show up on the web forms). 

Bonus Pack!
For NMTM2017 orders that are over $50 in merchandise (before shipping) we'll include a special "Bonus Pack", which will include:
2 etched western bits
1 etched english bit
1 pair of conchos
1 pair of slotted rings
1 pair of cast western stirrups
[all Trad size}. 
One bonus pack per customer.

Offer good through April 30, 2017.


If you place an order with Rio Rondo, please include a thank you to Carol and the rest of the gang!