Leather Dyes

I use Tandy's EcoFlo line of dyes in my work. Below are swatches of the available dye colors. Each swatch show the dye in three states, from left to right: unsealed, with Tandy's Satin Sheene (matte), and with Tandy's Super Sheene (glossy). The rows have been arranged in approximate order from darkest (left) to lightest (right) by the color of the matte (center) strip in each sample.  Custom dye mixes can be made to match your references or vision. Unless otherwise requested, all projects are completed in matte finish as it best replicates the patina of well-cared for tack. 

Swatches photographed in morning light on a bright cloudy day; some color differences may occur from project to project, due to differences in screen settings, or between dye batches. Swatches are provided for reference and are not a guarantee of color accuracy.

* The three All In One dyes are a Tandy product advertised as not needing sealer; these dyes have a naturally semi-gloss finish. The swatches are presented with strips of matte and gloss sealer, but the change is almost imperceptible.