My tack is made to be easy-on to reduce wear and tear on the tack and your sanity on show days. Because of this, most pieces must be made specifically for your model. It is easier to fit tack on an in-house model, so I have collected most of the plastic molds produced by Breyer and Peter Stone, the two major manufacturers of model horse collectibles. To see if I have your plastic or resin model in hand, please consult the list of in-house models.

I have a limited number of performance friendly resins on hand for fitting. Due to the logistics of acquiring one of every resin, I may not have a copy of your model. In those situations and with models that have been resculpted, I always prefer to have models shipped to me for fitting. I love having visiting models in the studio and am always very careful with them; they're securely protected by plastic wrap during the creation process and hang out on a cushion of unbleached muslin on a high shelf when not needed.

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to ship your model to me for fitting I have a handy measurement guide that will help me fit the tack to your model. When you measure, use a piece of string or thread without much stretch (cotton crocheting thread works brilliantly) to take the length, then measure the string against a ruler to get the measurement. I prefer to receive measurements in centimeters and millimeters for greater accuracy. 

I have provided two graphics below that illustrate the measurements I need and where they should be taken. Please don't hesitate to ask questions if you're unsure!