JUSTIFY’S RACING TACK | $225 PIF, $250 TIme pays


Now available for purchase - Justify’s racing tack as seen during his Triple Crown campaign! To inquire about purchasing, please send an email directly to studio@gmail.com or via the “Send Email” button.

This set includes a bridle, racing saddle, girths, three saddle cloths, and a “neoprene” saddle pad. The bridle has been made from hand-cut leather lace and features fixed buckles. The bit hanger is raised, just like Justify’s racing bridle. The noseband has been covered with carefully matched blue suede and the underside lined with natural leather to protect your model. The bit is a modified Rio Rondo etched driving bit with a hand-made wire ring bit. The “mouthpiece” has been painted with Testors Enamel. The reins attach to the bit with fixed buckles, feature “rubber” grips and a buckle end. The entire bridle has only two points of attachment - one at the crown and one at the bit - for incredibly easy show days.

The saddle has been carved to match the decorative stitching on Justify’s saddle and has been edged in white, just like the full-scale piece. The stirrup leathers have been carved to mimic stitching, edged in white, and the stirrups are a modified pair from Horsing Around that have been painted with Testors Enamel for durability. The overgirth slips under the fluffy, hand-dyed seat cover and slides freely for easy adjustment. The regular girth is attached to the overgirth for quick and easy tacking, and the whole assembly is affixed by one working buckle on the overgirth. The excess leather tucks neatly into the three keepers on the overgirth. Soft chamois mimics the neoprene grip on the girth and helps keep the overgirth and regular girth aligned.

Included are three saddle cloths - the Derby, Preakness, and Belmont. I recreated these digitally in Adobe Illustrator and printed them on color-fast inkjet fabric that won’t bleed or fray. All three cloths have been painted on the side that flips up with fabric paint and the Derby cloth has added painted detail on the metallic stripe.


$225 if paid in full within 24 hours. Time payments not to exceed 45 days are available with a 30% deposit. All time payments are non-refundable. Domestic postage and full insurance included whether paid in full or purchased via payments. International postage will be at cost minus domestic; all sales are declared at full value and marked as merchandise. PayPal Goods and Services is the only accepted form of payment. This piece will be held only with the promise of payment within 24 hours. I reserve the right to check feedback and refuse time payments or the sale for any potential purchaser.

Completed June 27, 2019. Made of veg tanned tooling calf, chrome tanned cow hide, and suede finished with Tandy’s Eco Flo line of dyes and Cova Color line of paints. Sealed with Tandy Eco Flo Satin and Super Sheen sealers. Fitted to Breyer’s Walking Thoroughbred/Grayson Stablemate - may fit other molds, but not guaranteed. Every effort has been made to provide a product that will not damage custom or original finish models, but as a common-sense precaution tack should never be displayed long term on models.